Madam Shabnum Malik

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

I believe that education is an equal partnership among teachers, parents and the administration. Our school promotes academics social,
emotional and psychological development of children. Our aim is to build up a student who is career ready in a diverse
learning atmosphere in this institution by fostering a culture of pride respect involvement dependability and excellence.
The object of the junior school is to provide the kids an atmosphere where their potential finds a free expression and to groom them is the
basics so that a found foundation is laid for further studies.

Our sincere efforts are reflected in the very satisfaction and pride of the parents with the progress of their children.
We want to see that with proper guidance a child grows into confident, caring and creative individuals, well prepared to face the ever changing world. We expect from the parents to get involved in and sharing the learning experience of their child.
Education is not just a matter of acquiring knowledge or a qualification.The application of that knowledge to widen his or her
perceptions and to face life’s challenges with courage and convocations
make a person a true learner.

At smart we want children not only to acquire education but to go on learning.

Shabnum Malik

Saturday, October 21, 2017